Muller -a skeptic?

The believers of climate change are losing the game. Their propaganda is not effective any more when the sceptics have a full hand of facts against their scientific arguments. So they are focusing on ad hominems and other similar ways of keeping their agenda alive.

Confirmation bias can explain quite much of the climate change story. IPCC selected papers that supported its existence and political agenda. Some scientists became celebrities and money was flowing to them. Others followed the famous and money. The story grew bigger and bigger. Mainstream media added steam because it is always supporting the establishment.

We have 30 years of satellite data that tells that no catastrophe is probable. Everything can be explained by natural variation. The Rio conference told that decision makers are shifting to other issues while still keeping the camouflage. More and more scientific papers that support the climate skeptics are published and they are getting attention in main stream media.

The scientists that are on the climate change wagon are abandoning ship or fighting with all means. All argumentation fallacies are used because media does not not understand the scientific method.



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