Warming a room with a radiator

I have a radiator that has the power of 880 W and an area of one square meter. I try to warm my room but it does not seem to work. Thermometer at the middle of room that should measure the average temperature of the room, has not risen at all for a long while though I changed its setting to 1320 W.

Previously I had my radiator at 440 W and temperature was 0.8 C lower. So, I could say that the sensitivity of doubling the radiative power was 0.8 C – very low indeed.

I called the seller of the radiator to complain and he told me that this model has a thermostat. In addition to that I have a lot of water and plants in my room. I am not able to measure the changes of the humidity and growth of the vegetation in my room but how can I be sure that radiator is OK, if the thermostat is stealing my precious warming.

The seller told also that the heat escapes through my window. Am I a fool? I bought an expensive radiator that could not possibly work. Could I measure the escaped energy to convince myself that my radiator works as the seller says?



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