Influencing the left

Sure, but logic and facts are not good ways to influnce the left. You must create a feeling e.g. that Al is a villain.

2nd small reply.

Never heard of internet, Google, search engines or satellite data?

Hint. WUWT has preference pages that has collected links to original sources of climate data:…




Greenies’ real goal

Real goal is to lower the living standards of the western people. If it were curbing the global temperatures and CO2 emissions other policies would have been selected.

According to Guardian just 90 companies produce two thirds of the emissions. They are big energy companies. In China there are really big coal-fired power plants. Gas flaring creates 2% of the emissions. Why not just focus on these.

Nuclear is bad because it creates cheap energy for keeping and improving our life in the west. Well-fare and good environment are consistent but policies without sacrifices are not tolerated.

+2 C not bad

There in nothing bad with +2C. The weather would be like 300 km Southward. Siberia and Canada would have large new areas for farming and people to live. Sahara would get greener.

If the Roman Empire survived that +2C, our modern societies can also.


Ethanol is genuinely renewable. It is reliable contrary to wind and solar. Its large energy density makes it good for transportation fuel.

Producing ethanol from corn was thought to be a starting step before better methods appear. Subsidies changed the story and went to prices. The drawback of the biofuels is inefficiency. Large amount of land and other resources are required.

CO2 is a non-issue. Let’s talk about price and domestic availability.

No poverty at 2030

You can’t remove poverty by transferring money. You need to keep those who extract citizen’s resources in bay. They might be called presidents, war lords, oligarchs, big men, .. but they do the same – they destroy others’ opportunities to get out poverty. See more

Good thing is to notice that the scaremongering 50 years ago has been plain wrong. Earth is not running out resources. There was no peak oil or food and world’s population growth has not been a problem. Prosperity is not a zero-sum game.

Deceptions, diversions, straw men, …

Deceptions, diversions, straw men, …

Talk about lobbying and comparing just part of a budget of an advocacy group to profits of oil industry ???

You can get better numbers by little internet search.

2 B is well-funded to me. Based on visibility on media Big Green is very large. It is not just the US green part but much of Democrats as well as. Forgot Al Gore ?

China nuclear

On the contrary, dismissal of AGW is just based on science. There is nothing to worry about.

Factory made nuclear might be the way to get rid of its massive bureaucracy.

Subsidies are the cancer of our time. Unreliables like wind and solar are just not sustainable.